Analytical and critical thinking skills in public relations

- Dalibor Jakus, M.Sc., Kresimir Zubcić M.Sc.

This article presents more or less independent reasons why analytical and critical thinking skills should be essential part of public relations. Generally, it is considered that the analytical and critical thinking skills are part of public relations, as well as creative thinking, but they should be considered separately and given the codes of ethics of the profession used as initial criteria. For the purpose of the study, in this article is presented the result of the survey in which determine importance of using analytical and critical thinking skills in the implementation of PR projects. The second aim in the survey was to identify the target audience and how they react to the placed information.

Dalibor Jakus, M.Sc., Nulaosam, Croatia – a PR director in Marketing Communications Agency Nulaosam. Dalibor has been studying Faculty of Agriculture Science. The author has over 10 years’ experience in public relations, marketing and journalism. Author of numerous articles, essays, TV reportages, documentaries scenarios and other variety of publications related to public relations, IT technology, fashion and politics; editor of on-line magazine and writer. Dalibor is also blogger and member of Croatian Public Relations Association.

Krešimir Zubčić, M.Sc., Croatian Public Television, Croatia – a sociologist. He studied at the Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Sociology, in Zagreb. Today, he works as an editor on Croatian Public Television. He is the author of numerous TV documentaries, screenwriter and journalist.

DOI: 10.14611/minib.14.04.2014.11

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MINIB, 2014, Vol. 14, Issue 4
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